Rohan da Great - Crazy has over 50,000 Streams!

My new single Crazy now has over 50k Streams. I'm pushing for 100K by the end of the summer! Lets go. If you haven't hear it listen to it on your favorite platforms. Rohan da Great - Crazy

Rohan da Great makes a statement with #indiebychoice Merch

On my musical Journey I often hear "We don't play indie artists, "We don't book indie artists" There's always some limitation based on the fact that I"m independent, as if that's a bad thing. I designed this shirt for everyone that's doing their thing independently, not because they have to but because they choose to. Make a statement and let them know that you are INDIE by choice Visit the RDG STORE to purchase your #indiebychoice Tee

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