Rohan da Great featured in the Jamaican Star

I was recently featured in the Jamaican Star Newspaper. They spoke about my EP 6 Love. My musical upbringing and more. It’s an amazing feeling being featured in one of your favorite newspapers, which also happens to be one of the top papers in Jamaica. Check out the full interview here

Rohan da Great to provide COVID-19 Relief for 50 Families in Jamaica

COVID-19 has a tremendous affect on us all and we have to come together and help out however we can. I’ve decided to join the COVID-19 relief efforts. Over the last couple interviews, I’ve been asked, "How are you coping during COVID-19?,” “How has COVID 19 affected your music?,” “Has COVID-19 derailed your plans." I’ve been able to answer with a positive account and I've also been able to illustrate how I’m working around COVID-19. I'm still able to make great music and prosper. I’m totally aware that I’m super fortunate, to be able to move forward during these trying times. During a recent interview an interviewer said “It’s a blessing that you are still able to achieve success during the

Rohan da Great interviewed on Jamaica's Roses FM!

I was recently interviewed by Dj Lard on Roses Fm a stations owned by Legendary Dancehall artist Barrington Levy. We spoke about my EP 6 Love charting, my idols, honesty in my music, working trough COVID and what I plan for the future. Check out the a snippet of the interview below.

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